10 Best Spartans In Halo, Ranked

The Spartans are the ones who keep the Halo Universe safe and sound. Here are the very best things.

In the Halo universe, Spartans are meant to be the next step in how people change. Over the years, the Spartan program has been changed and updated many times to make it better. This has led to the creation of some of the most dangerous and important people in history. When the alien cult known as the Covenant arrived, there was already a civil war going on. This led humanity into a desperate war for survival, which brought even more threats to humanity’s existence and shattered old ideas about their history. The Spartans led the charge to defend humanity.

Over the past twenty years, Microsoft, Bungie, and 343 Industries have added to and deepened this popular sci-fi franchise, making it a mainstay of the Xbox brand. Even among these super-soldiers, there are a few people who stand out for being especially good. Whether it’s because of their great service, their personalities, or their backstories, these Spartans have gone above and beyond to become iconic characters in this popular franchise.

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