25 Unique Topic Ideas For Your Law Dissertation

Topic selection is the hardest part of dissertation writing. Students procrastinate for weeks because they are unable to find a suitable topic. There are many topics out there, and too many choices confuse the students. Moreover, students face difficulties in narrowing down the scope of the topic. Many students either select a broad topic or a very narrow topic. In addition to this, one must select a unique topic that is justifiable based on available studies and evidence. So, it is important to select a unique topic that catches your readers’ attention. This article will tell you about 25 unique topic ideas for your law dissertation.

Select the appropriate field

Law is a broad subject with different branches and fields. Every student has different interests and passions for different law subjects. For example, some people find constitutional law a boring subject. While for other people, it might be an interesting topic. So, before choosing a topic, it is important to identify your interests. Once you identify your interests, you can select the topic easily. We will list down the topic ideas for your law dissertation from various law subjects. Here are some of the topic ideas according to the subject categories for your law dissertation:

Criminal law dissertation topics

Criminal law is a branch of law that governs criminal violations. It governs the arrest, indictment, and prosecution of offenders. Moreover, it establishes the fines and possible punishments for convicted criminals. If you have a liking for criminal law, you can choose the following unique topics shared by expert writers of law dissertation writing services for your law dissertation:

  1. What are the possible ramifications of capital punishment on curtailing the crime occurrences in society?
  2. What possible measures can a state undertake to rehabilitate criminals who have completed their sentences?
  3. The effectiveness of polygraph in ascertaining the truth behind a criminal offence
  4. The efficacy of international criminal law in curtailing the international crimes
  5. Are the criminal laws of country A(country of your choice) sufficient to reduce the crime rates?

Civil law

Civil law is a branch of law that governs civil matters such as harm to one’s property, breach of contract, succession matters and property disputes. Here are some novel ideas in the domain of civil law for your law dissertation:

  • The effectiveness of civil laws in protecting the civil rights of women in a particular society
  • The implications of civil law in fostering a constructive civil society
  • Freedom of expression laws in (any country of your choice): Its flagrant abuse and immediate challenges
  • The doctrine of utmost faith: its implications for the modern contracts
  • Civil rights disputes in third world countries: Legal frameworks and lack of implementation

Commercial law

Commercial law protects the rights and interests of businesses in the host country and abroad. It governs and indicts offences regarding property rights, right to trade and contractual breaches. Here are the possible topic ideas that you can use for your law dissertation:

  1. Anti-corruption legislation and regulatory bodies: A Political tool to criminalize opponents
  2. How effective are the anti-corruption laws in indicting corporate criminals?
  3. What does international commercial law say about foreign energy investments?
  4. Is international commercial law efficient in protecting the rights and interests of vulnerable countries?
  5. Analysis and evaluation of existing commercial laws in the United Kingdom: Strengths and Weaknesses

Tax law

Tax law is a set of regulations that give a public body a claim on taxpayers. These laws compel people to pay a portion of their income or assets to the body. The ability to levy taxes is widely acknowledged as a government right. Although there are commonalities and general aspects in the laws of other countries, each country’s tax legislation is usually distinct. Here is the list of possible topics that you can choose for your law dissertation

  1. Assessing the impact of tax laws on the income of freelancers: Possible consequences and ramifications
  2. Tax laws of the United States: Ineffectiveness of the State in indicting the tax evaders
  3. Tax laws and their impact on reducing the possibility of investments in a particular country
  4. International tax laws: An effective strategy to reduce carbon emissions by imposing a tax on petroleum industries
  5. The possible implications of the European Union’s tax laws on the United Kingdom in the post-Brexit era

Constitutional law

The corpus of rules, laws, and procedures that control the conduct of political entities is known as constitutional law. The state has become the largest influential political entity in contemporary times. Modern constitutional law results from nationalism and the belief that the state must defend some basic human rights. Constitutional law keeps a healthy balance between the body politic and the state institutions. Constitutional law determines the fundamental rights of citizens. Therefore, it is an important and delicate subject that requires analytical rigors and precision. You can choose the following topics in the field of constitutional law for your law dissertation:

  • The Origin, Highlights, Existing Condition, and Prospects of British Constitutional Law
  • The doctrine of Necessity: An analysis of Extraconstitutional measures in societies which lack the rule of law
  • The advantages and disadvantages of federalism
  • Rise of Authoritarian States: Are we bidding goodbye to constitutionalism?
  • The role of constitutional law in upholding the fundamental laws of citizens in liberal democracies

Tips and Strategies for choosing a topic

Choosing a topic for academic research is not as difficult as you might think. You need to take some proper steps, and you will be able to choose a good topic. The first thing to do is brainstorm ideas and write them down on a piece of paper. You will have to do some background research to understand the context of the topic. Initially, the topic idea will be very broad, but you can narrow it down by limiting your scope to two or three features of the topic.


You can review the topics mentioned above for your law dissertation and do some background research to narrow the topic further. Research is the key that ensures you arrive at the right topic, so always do some preliminary research before finalizing the topic. Also you can ask for their services from Law Dissertation Help Birmingham here

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