5 Areas Where AI Will Assist People in the Future

The influence of AI can be imagined in today’s era from the fact that it has become a buzzword for technology. From voice interactions with a voice assistant like Siri to smart algorithms that suggest content based on your preference, AI is doing a lot around you.

Never in the past had humankind had the technological advances that we have today. It is the perfect time for these technologies to develop and thrive. Spectrum call center and other businesses utilizing smart IVR to facilitate customers and chatbots show signs of AI getting smarter every year. Dig into this blog to see areas where AI is likely to serve in the future.

A few decades ago, self-driving cars were a thing of sci-fi movies. Not anymore. Completely autonomous cars are starting to become a reality. Cars like Tesla Model S, Cadilac Escalade, and Mercedes Benz E Class are some of many cars that make autonomous cars a reality. Currently, these cars are smart and can make some decisions on their own. Some may even be self-driven for a while.

However, the current technology is not there yet. But as things are going, and technology is developing, it won’t be much of a surprise to spot completely autonomous cars on roads in the future. Currently, many challenges in development and implementation are yet to be resolved before entering the next phase.

Increased Automation in Production

The production process across industries required a lot of human hours in the past. Take the automobile industry for instance. Back in the early days, it would take hours and the expertise of many automakers to complete the assembling of one car. Now, it can be done in a matter of hours with programmed robots.

Smart CNC machines and laser cutters have taken precision to the next level. Today, you are less likely to see any abnormalities in any car that comes out of the factory. Also, fast assembling has played a significant role in bringing down the prices of cars and making them more affordable.

With smarter technologies, processes are expected to become smarter and more efficient in the future.

Improved Customer Service

Today, many businesses deal in the same type of products. This makes getting an edge over the competition and capturing a bigger share of sales a lot more difficult. Enhancing the customer experience is one of the strategies that has done wonders for companies in the past. Customer service is one of the most crucial links to creating an excellent customer experience. However, there are management challenges, costs, and other obstacles.

But auto-responding technologies like IVR and chatbots are playing a crucial role for companies in maintaining standards of quality. With these technologies becoming smarter in the future, they can serve customers in a much better way.

Assistance to programmers and Coders

New AI technologies have also started to assist programmers and coders. Their application can help professionals become more efficient with their routine tasks. Such assistance can make things easier for programming professionals in their learning phase. Also, these technologies can help significantly with QA and testing.

With more advancements coming every year, future professionals will get even smarter help with their codes.

Writing and Editing Help

Quality writing has always been an attribute of humans. Robots or computers have always been thought of being incapable of doing these tasks. But today, different applications are starting to challenge these beliefs. Jasper and other such AI writing applications require you to insert instructions about the content. Taking those instructions, the software can start writing on its own. Pretty futuristic, right?

Similarly, applications like Grammarly make editing easy. Whether you need to proofread a homework assignment or a corporate document, help from Grammarly can make your task easier. Also, you can save time and cover for the mistakes you didn’t notice. So, it’s like a pair of extra editing glasses for editors.

However, these applications are no match for a human writer or editor. The language keeps on developing and the human factor does a lot in quality-written pieces. But the AI assistance can further make the tasks easier for these professionals.

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