7 Sings: When It’s The Right Time To Replace Your Window Treatment?

Have you taken a closer inspection of your blinds? If you forgot to do so, inspect them for wear-n-tear or any severe damage. As most window blinds have only usable life of seven to eight years, they are more likely to get damaged or fade away after that, and those blinds can become dangerous to your family, kids or pets. 

But how will you get sure it’s an accurate time to change your window treatment? And should you wait or take quick action? Here are seven warning signs that warn you your blinds might be dangerous to your family or can fall out soon. This is why you can change them or upgrade them with the latest, innovative, and secure blinds. 

Difficulty in lifting 

If you are feeling an extra force requirement while lifting up your shades or can’t be lifted at all, there is the possibility that the lifting mechanism of your shades is damaged and on the breaking point or your blinds may have been made too broad that the mechanism of cords fails to support the load. There is the possibility that your shades can fall anytime and can cause serious damage. Make sure to replace them as soon as possible to keep your family safe. If you want blinds with more stability, then call a 
professional window installation service provider in Santa Clara for secure and reliable installation. 

Frayed cords

Frayed cords are the exact reason that your blinds need replacement. They either lead to wear and tear of your blinds, or it is the sign that your shades are so old that they can’t serve you more, or their internal mechanism has become the reason for their diminish. All these negative factors are enough to make your blinds fall and can injure anyone. It’s high time to get new window installations done in Santa Clara

Discolored or yellowed 

As your window blinds get direct exposure to the sun, they may experience some fading over time. So if your blinds are dramatically yellowed or discolored, this is a possible sign of material decomposition. Here you need a quick replacement of your old and damaged blinds.

Frayed edges on fabric curtains

If your roller, cellular, roman, or solar shades are worn along the edges, this indicates that your window shades are too wide for your window opening and are scratching along the side of the frame. It is the best time to replace those frayed shades as they can be damaged more and more with time and can destroy your window frame as well.

Blinds slats don’t close properly


If your blind slats are not closing properly as they used to be earlier, or they are not even moving, this means your tilt mechanism has probably passed out. This problem can be difficult to fix. There is a need to replace your whole blind with its complete mechanism. It is better to replace the whole unit once. 

Your shades are not safe for kids and pets

Are you aware that blinds with damaged cords can be hazardous for small kids and pets around your house? Protect your little ones by updating to new and latest window treatments by calling a highly skilled window installation company in Santa ClaraThe professionals will assist you with multiple secure and reliable options like cordless cellular shades, shutters, curtains, or cordless roller shades. They will be effective for your window requirements and are safe for your kids and pets.

Insufficient to meet your window needs

Your blinds might have an accurate shape, great color, and great design, but if they are not meeting your window needs, they are useless as your window treatment. Take a glance at your blinds and observe deeply do they provide you desire privacy. Do they keep your place warm in winter or cool on hot summer days? Do they block unwanted light from entering your room? If you are getting all your answers negative, then remove them immediately and switch to a new and something better.

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