A Mini Guide to Choosing the Right Adult Diapers for Your Needs

Adult Diapers

Adult diapers, also known as incontinence briefs, are necessary for any adult with incontinence issues. Although commonly recommended for people with bladder control problems, these products can also come in handy for those with bowel incontinence and mobility issues. 

With adult diapers, you won’t have to worry about staining your crotch when leaks accidentally happen. This can save you a ton of embarrassment, mainly if the leaks occur in a public gathering. 

Most adult diapers are also designed to be convenient to wear. Besides, these products come with maximum discretion. No one would readily tell that you’re wearing an incontinent brief (unless, of course, you take it off in their presence). 

However, finding an adult diaper that lives up to the above description can be daunting. Much more if you’re shopping for these products for the first time and do not precisely know where to look. 

Fortunately, we’ve prepared a mini guide to choose the proper incontinence brief. Read on and be inspired.

Brand is a key consideration while shopping for the right adult diapers for you. 

A quick online search for a phrase like “adult diapers near me” will turn up several recommendations. However, it’s imperative to conduct your due diligence before choosing the right supplier. 

A good place to start would be to opt for a brand that enjoys a fairly long industry presence. Also, check online reviews to uncover the kind of feedback posted by some of the seller’s previous customers. 

Attends is a renowned leader in the adult diapers market. The company prides itself on providing all kinds of incontinence products, including those intended for bladder and bowel control. These range from protective underwear to pads, underpads, and briefs, to mention but a few.



  • Understand the Difference between Diapers and Pull-ups

When shopping for incontinence briefs, you’ll frequently stumble upon the word’ pull-ups.’ Although they also constitute incontinence products, pull-ups differ significantly from adult diapers, especially concerning their functionality. 

Diapers typically come with refastenable side tabs, which make them incredibly easy to change while sitting or lying down. Therefore, they’re a top recommendation for people with mobility problems, such as arthritis. 

On the other hand, pull-ups (also known as protective underwear) look and feel like regular underwear. While they offer higher comfort levels than adult diapers, pull-ups are less absorbent and usually have no wetness indicators. 

Most notably, pull-ups are ideal for people with no mobility problems. That’s primarily because they require the wearer to remove their clothing while changing them.


  • Decide between Washable and Disposable Diapers

Another critical consideration when choosing adult diapers is to weigh your options between washable (also known as reusable) and non-washable (typically called disposable) diapers. 

Long-term cost efficiency is the biggest drawcard to reusable adult diapers. Besides, washable diapers tend to be more absorbent than their disposable counterparts. 

However, the fact that reusable incontinent briefs need to be washed from time to time may reduce their absorbency and overall efficiency. Frequent washing may also prove impractical, especially if you have severe mobility issues.


  • Consider Absorbency Levels

Naturally, you’d want an adult diaper with the highest absorbency levels. Cloth-backed diapers tend to be more absorbent than plastic-backed ones.

However, there’s often some trade-off to be made. As you shall find, the most absorbent diapers are usually the least comfortable. 

It’s also best to consider whether you need an incontinence brief for bladder and bowel or urinary incontinence only. High-absorbent briefs would be suitable if you have both urinary and fecal control issues. 

Another best practice here would be to consider moderate absorbency and maximum comfort. You can always complement absorbency levels with pull-ups.



  • Insist on Sex-specific Diapers

This is a common area most adult diaper shoppers often skimp on. 

However, incontinence briefs can have glaring design differences depending on whether they’re meant for people with penises or vaginas. 

These differences in design mainly pertain to the specific areas in the diaper’s construction where the urine is concentrated. Ideally, the areas likely to hold more urine will have the most padding. 

If ever you’re struggling to purchase a sex-specific diaper, you can always go for the unisex ones. Just be sure to try a sample before placing your order.


  • Pick the Right Size

Picking the right adult diaper size is paramount while shopping for incontinence briefs. There are implications to choosing either an oversized or an undersized product. 

An overly large diaper is prone to leakages. These briefs also tend to be indiscreet. 

Besides, there’s a higher risk of skin irritation since large diapers may cause bunching around your legs. This might cause the material to pinch your skin, leading to chafing and rashes. 

On the other hand, too-tight diapers are more prone to tearing, and torn briefs will invariably leak. 

The fact that small diapers are closer to the skin also means they can stimulate reactions between your skin and the dyes or fragrances in the material. This could cause skin irritations or aggravate ongoing problems, such as diaper rash.



There goes our beginner’s guide to choosing the right adult diaper. As a parting shot, also be sure to define your needs before you go shopping for incontinence briefs.

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