8 Best Character Abilities And Upgrades In Atomic Heart

In Atomic Heart, players should focus on the following skills and upgrades for their characters.

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter, but it also has two skill trees that can be changed and accessed through NORA machines. The first one is for the player’s A.I. glove, Char-les, and the second one is for the player’s character, P-3. These character upgrades and abilities can give bonuses to things like movement, healing, and the amount of stuff you can carry.

Character abilities in Atomic Heart are different from glove abilities in that they don’t give visible boosts but rather statistical ones. However, they can be just as useful, especially when it comes to overall defense and taking damage. Each ability will cost neuropolymers, which are a made-up currency that can be found on dead enemies and in places where there is loot, like drawers, desks, and lockers. As with the glove abilities, you won’t be able to use certain items until you’ve bought the required skill from the skill tree.

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