Can’t Access Arlo Setup App? Let’s Fix This For You

The Arlo setup app walks you through the Arlo setup process and allows you to access the camera settings in the blink of an eye. But, a number of users face issues while accessing the Arlo setup app If you are also among those users, then consider yourself lucky because you have accessed the right post. Over here, we are going to provide you with a number of solutions that are surely going to help you access the app in minutes. Let’s start over!

Fixed: Can’t Access Arlo Setup App

Accessing the Arlo setup app will be at your fingertips. All you have to do is to follow some troubleshooting tips listed below to make the app up and running. Keep reading!

Fix 1: Have Access to Fast Internet

Slow internet can be a reason behind the “can’t access Arlo setup app” issue. For fixing it, you must have access to an active internet connection. Regarding this, you can contact the service provider of your internet connection. Request him to do the needful for you. Just upgrade your internet plan and update the device (router or modem) provided by him.

Once you are on active and fast internet speed, check if you can access the Arlo setup app or not. On the off chance if this fix doesn’t bring you luck, don’t delay much to try the next hack highlighted below.

Fix 2: Keep Your Arlo in Reach of WiFi

Where you have placed your Arlo camera? Is it placed away from your WiFi device (router or modem)? If yes, then you have the reason in hand behind getting the “can’t access Arlo setup app” issue. Thus, to get a relevant fix for the issue at hand, ensure to keep your Arlo camera within reach of your WiFi device.

Fix 3: Download Correct Version of App

An incorrect version of the Arlo app may result in the issue. To deal with it, ensure to download the correct version of the Arlo app. For this, you have to uninstall the Arlo app and reinstall it again. Once you are done doing this, log in to the Arlo app and get instructions to perform Arlo base station setup.

Fix 4: Update Software of the Device

Which device you are using to access the Arlo setup app? Wireless PC, laptop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or tablet, which? Look, the Arlo setup app can be accessed on any device. But, bear in mind, the device’s software must not be outdated. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the most out of your Arlo app and perform Arlo base station setup

Apart from this, there are some important points that you have to keep into consideration:

  • Ensure that your device has enough space to run the Arlo setup app smoothly.

  • The Arlo app must be device-capable. This means, the app must be compatible with the device. For this, you have to check the correct version of the app prior to downloading it. Got it?

  • Your device must be connected to your WiFi network.

  • Restart the device on which you have downloaded or are about to download the Arlo app.

  • Use the correct login details to access the app.

  • Make sure to create a valid Arlo account. If you don’t have an account, you will surely have issues while accessing the app.

Fix 5: Restart Arlo

If you are still not able to use the Arlo app, then restarting Arlo is the only option you are left with which can save you from this hassle. Don’t worry! The process is not rocket science. As we have already said, you are lucky that you have opened the right post. We will never leave your back. Yes! Now, we are going to provide you with the instructions to restart your Arlo in a flash. And, after that, you will surely have access to Arlo setup app.

  • First of all, disconnect all the devices that are connected to your Arlo device.

  • Then, disconnect your Arlo from your WiFi network.

  • Delete your Arlo account from the app and uninstall it.

  • Turn off your Arlo and wait for some time.

  • Restart your Arlo.

  • Connect your devices to the Arlo again.

  • Reconnect your Arlo to WiFi.

  • Install the Arlo app, create a valid account and see if you are able to access it.


We hope that the fixes provided above helped you access the Arlo setup app. Also, we suggest you bookmark this article so that whenever you get issues while accessing the Arlo setup app again in the future, you have these fixes at your fingertips 24×7 as your Arlo camera support companion.

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