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Field Force Automation Software in Delivery and Logistics

Field Force Automation Software in Delivery and Logistics

Ever since there has been a boom in the online shopping and delivery sector, the logistics sector has been working day and night. However, they constantly try to battle certain challenges and struggles that stop the delivery agents from being the best. Field force automation software can help solve these challenges.

Automation is the fuel that can successfully drive up your field agents’ efficiency, productivity, and performance quality. This will not only help logistics company gain doubled revenue but also help in improving their customer relations. And since the business world is fast-moving, automation of certain operations can help you catch up on them.

Challenges That Delivery and Logistic Companies Struggle With

Even though the delivery and logistics sector is booming, it has its snags. For example, the organization often falls short regarding on-time delivery and managing its on-field delivery agents. Also, since this industry is constantly upgrading, companies must resort to technologies to win the race. But which software to invest in? All these challenges are hampering the growth of the company.

Upgrading Business Procedures

Logistic companies constantly need to adopt procedures, plans, and technologies that will help them reduce the time of delivery and cost of operation and add to the productivity of the field executives.

There is a lot of pressure to ensure on-time delivery of goods along with the best kind of service and to archive, so companies are keenly looking for new technological solutions.

Maintain Good Customer Service

With each passing second demands of customers are elevating, and so is the competition in the market. Customers now want real-time updates as well as faster delivery of their orders. And since it’s very important for logistic companies to maintain a good client base to drive up their revenues and profits. The most efficient way to do so is by offering an unbeatable delivery service. 

Technological Barriers

If we look at third-world companies, many people are still not technically advanced or educated. Companies resorting to such technologies might face questions like “who will pay for the technology” and “how to use it.” 

Additionally, since there is a lot of management software in the market, the manager might be confused about which to invest in. 

Lack of Visibility and Accountability

Lack of visibility and accountability is a prominent challenge that logistics and delivery companies struggle to solve. Since such companies have to deal with customers and field agents simultaneously, it can be difficult for m, managers to be able o keep track of their agents on the field.

Also, keeping track of all the jobs completed with the best quality is very difficult due to the distance between the managers and field executives. This might cause a lack of accountability for both parties.

Diminishing Productivity of Field Agents

Logistics companies still relying on manual methods of operations might have to work with unproductive employees. This is because most of their time and effort is consumed by repetitive manual tasks that could be easily automated with the help of field fierce automation software.

How Can Field Force Automation Software Help Solve the Struggles

Opting for field force automation software can help you overcome all your logistic and delivery challenges and struggles. Most importantly, it will help managers to work with a highly efficient and productive workforce. And this is because of automation. Most of the meagre operations will be automated because of the software.

The software is designed keeping in mind field operations and executives. It has tools and features that will help managers fully control the operations. Challenges arising due to distance can be eliminated with the help of the software.

Accurate Real-time Location Tracking and Route History

Field force monitoring software allows managers to keep track of their delivery agents. They can track their agents in real-time with the least amount of buffering period. Managers can even view the route history to know the path taken by the delivery agent. Doing so is great for accountability for employees.

By automating the tracking of your employees, managers are no longer required to constantly call their employees for whereabouts updates.

Geo Coded Attendance

The software offers geo-coded attendance. This is a way to ensure that what managers receive is authentic attendance and not fabricated or manipulated. Geocoded attendance automatically marks the attendance of field agents once they reach their first task location.

If still unsure, managers can demand visual verification in which the software sends a time-stamped photo with real-time longitude and latitude. This leaves no scope for buddy punching and time theft.

Easy Task Allocation

Managers can allocate tasks in advance through the bulk task upload feature. For example, they can upload a month’s work of tasks in advance, which will be visible to employees accordingly.  Managers can edit, remove or add tasks according to employees’ bandwidth if required.

The best part about it is that all this can be done remotely. This help to save a lot of time and effort as the employees will not have to travel daily to the office for job assigning. Neither do managers need to be in the office to allocate tasks.

Communicate Updates Faster with Built-in Chat Box

The software ensures that the distance between the manager and field employees does not hamper the workflow. And to make sure that both are on the same page, it offers a built-in chat box. This feature helps employees connect with other team members and share their doubts and queries. In addition, messages, voice notes, photos, and videos can be shared.

Rely on Automated Reports for Making Calculated Decisions

Field force management software help managers keep track of each delivery agent’s productivity and performance quality. Not only this, but also expense reports and task reports can be generated. These reports are of great help to managers, and since they are in real-time and are detailed and accurate, decisions can be made on their bases. 

Rapid Reimbursements For Enhanced Productivity

If you want a motivated and productive field workforce, you must look after their happiness. Instant reimbursement can help you in this case. The software ensures that the agents can upload their receipts and bills on the software app without any hiccups. The reimbursement request is visible to all managers. Employees are notified whenever there is a change in their request status.

The reimbursement limit can be customized according to the designation and team of the managers. 

Rely On TrackoField To Manage Your Delivery Agents

It is a necessity for logistics and delivery companies to now invest in field employee tracking software to ensure that their employees and managers are being able to work to the best of their capabilities. The software will help agents with timely deliveries, and managers can have more visibility to manage the operation. TrackoField is a leading field force automation software that will help logistics and delivery companies excel in the industry with the help of its technical solutions. Get a demo now!

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