Get Full Root Access & SSD Storage With Serverwala’s Canada VPS

Get Full Root Access & SSD Storage With Serverwala’s Canada VPS

Web Hosting is a very crucial thing for online businesses. It is one of the strongest pillars of the internet and is highly important to run a business website. Many businesses in Canada go bankrupt or are about to close because they are hosting their website on servers that won’t support their website. Many of your favorite websites, online stores, videos, or podcast won’t exist without Hosting Server. Some business use shared hosting or dedicated servers or VPS for hosting websites in Canada, it depends on their needs or website requirements.

In this article, we will understand why the Canadian Business Host website is on Serverwala’s VPS Server. We will cover all the features and benefits offered by the company at an impressive price with VPS Hosting in Canada. First, Let’s Discuss about Serverwala and what kind of web hosting solutions they offer.

Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is a well-known, reputed, and industry-leading Data-center provider. In 2015 it come into existence and since then has built a strong online presence. Serverwala offers web hosting solutions in over 45+ countries. The company offers various kinds of services. Some of the top services are;

  • VPS Server
  • Dedicated Server
  • GPU Server
  • Private & Public Cloud
  • Cluster Server
  • Bulk Mail Server
  • Colocation

Serverwala offers data-center globally. The company gives freedom to their clients to choose data-center at their desired location.

What Are The Top Features of Serverwala’s VPS Hosting in Canada?

Serverwala offers numerous features with a Virtual server. The company offers Top-Notch Security, Great Performance, Highest Uptime, and 24*7 Customer Support with The Best VPS Server Plans in Canada at an affordable price. Let’s discuss these features in detail.

  •  Top-Notch Security

Serverwala offers some of the top security features like DDoS Protection, Secure Firewalls, and data encryptions. The company took important security measures to protect your website from cyber-attacks and malware threats.

Serverwala’s Canada VPS comes with a highly-secure firewall that keeps your data safe from DDoS attacks. Moreover, they use an automated system that detects suspicious threats and protects your website data from them.

  • Performance

Serverwala’s VPS Server comes with the latest and most robust hardware tools in Canada. To offer excellent performance the company uses SSD Storage with an unlimited bandwidth plan. Moreover, the company offers a 1 GBPS Network Speed that makes your website 20X faster with secure connections.

  • 99.90% Uptime

With continuous secure channels and redundant power, Serverwala’s Canadian VPS offers high-tech network flexibility that provides 99.90% uptime. The highest Uptime reduces the chances of a sudden crash of the website. It helps your website be available in high-traffic scenarios, improving website credibility.

  • Customization

For better control and operating Virtual Server without any restriction, Serverwala offers SSH Root access. You can install any required software and install compatible software as per your business needs.

With VPS Hosting in Canada, you get Self Service Portal so you can perform multiple actions and functionalities at the same time like Changing Passwords, Stop Relaod, Restarting, and many more.

  • Cheap Pricing

Serverwala offers great features and benefits with Canada VPS Server at cheap pricing. All the Virtual Private Server Plans come with vital features like 99.90% uptime, great Security, and the highest performance. 

The company offers four types of VPS Hosting plans in Canada. The plans are;

Canada VPS Plan

What Are The Benefits of Using Serverwala’s Canadian VPS Server?

The company offers all the features that are important for a business website. Apart from this, Serverwala also offers many other benefits with Canada VPS Hosting. Some of the top benefits are;

  • To offer all-time resource availability, Serverwala’s Data Centers are trustworthy. It offers you the highest Reliability.
  • Serverwala offers Simple Licensing. With one click, you can purchase a license for your business website.
  • You get RAID 1 Nodes by Deafult.
  • With 24/7 monitoring, Hostbillo offers Fully Managed VPS Hosting Services.
  • Easy Scalability helps you to downgrade or upgrade Virtual Server Resources, whenever you require.

What Are The Use Cases of VPS Servers in Canada?

What Are The Use Cases of VPS Servers in Canada

There are lots of features and benefits you experience with Serverwala’s Virtual Private Server. These all benefits and features improve your business website performance, capabilities, and credibility. 

In Canada, businesses or individuals use Serverwala’s VPS Hosting for many things. Some of the top usages are;

  • E-commerce Website

Online Shopping is a new trend. Many peoples shop online for many reasons, and businesses are focusing on building a strong online presence. Serverwala’s Virtual Server has all the features that improve website performance and enhance user experience. And most important it boosts website SEO.

  • Game Server

In Canada, hosting gaming applications or websites is very popular. There are many gaming content creators who host game servers online. With limited functionality businesses or individuals use Serverwala’s Gaming VPS Server in Canada.

  • Testing New Application

Virtual Private Server is widely used by coders. In Canada, VPS is used for testing and developing applications and websites. Virtual Server offers the best and most isolated test environment like a Dedicated Server at an affordable price. 

  • Growing Businesses or Startups

For a small business may Shared hosting is a good option but for a growing business it is not. When your website has outgrown shared hosting it requires a powerful server. In this case, VPS Hosting is the best option for business in Canada. It offers great speed and performance with high security at an cheaper price.


There are many reasons why businesses choose Serverwala’s Canada VPS Hosting. The company is a well-known and highly reputed data center provider globally. They offer various kinds of web hosting solutions like Dedicated servers, Shared Hosting, GPU servers, and many more. 

In Canada, Serverwala offers all vital features like Top-Notch Security, Great Performance, 99.90% Uptime, and Customization at an cheap price with VPS Server. Apart from this, you can use Virtual Server for hosting E-commerce Website, as a game server, or testing or developing a new application or website. You can get more insightful details on the Serverwala Cloud Data Center official Website. 





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