How Instagram followers can help your business growth

Instagram followers

Instagram can be a huge source of qualified leads and sales, for your business, if you know how to use the platform effectively.

With over 500 million users checking in on the app daily, it’s clearly one of the most used social platforms today.

This blog will cover different techniques to grow Instagram followers, how Instagram followers can help your business, whether you should buy Instagram followers, and much more.

Let’s get started.

Instagram Reels

With the insane popularity of short vertical videos, courtesy of TikTok, every social platform seems to be pulled into this content format. This is no wonder then, that Instagram came up with the Instagram reels.

Instagram has been promoting reels aggressively for the past few months. They want to attract more users to their app by capitalizing on the popularity of short-form vertical videos. More reel videos are hitting a million views mark than ever. This offers a substantial opportunity for businesses to attract their target audience and further their marketing and business goals.

To hit your business goals faster consider to buy 2500 Instagram followers from a credible social media marketing company. This will boost your Instagram presence and grow your business in the long term.

Prime Times

This is probably one of the most neglected tips for creating and publishing videos on Instagram. After all the work that you put in to create helpful and engaging videos, it will be a huge letdown if you can’t get a considerable number of views.

Prime times are the hours of the day when your audience is most active. If you publish at these times, your videos will get more views and more engagement. This will push the algorithms to promote the videos and show them to more users on the platform.

You can boost the reach and views of your videos if you buy 5000 Instagram UK followers from a trusted source. More followers will attract more views, which will trigger more comments, and so on.

Cross Promote Content

Cross-promoting essentially involves posting a single piece of content on multiple platforms. It is also called repurposing the content. By publishing your Instagram reel videos and posts to other social networks, you will grow your brand awareness and audience on the app.

Video content is immensely popular on social media and repurposing reels to publish on YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook can leverage the attention of new users. While some users may overlap, a lot of users use one app or the other.

Profile Grid Curation

People on Instagram or any social platform follow accounts in the hope to get interesting or helpful content in the coming days. They give little to no care to what you have published in the past. Rather, they are keenly interested in what you can offer them now if they follow your account.

A smart strategy is to curate your profile grid with a consistent theme and value proposition.

Are you publishing content regularly with specific promises?

Is your feed filled with how-to videos?

Are you posting insider hacks about your industry?

Depending on your brand’s mission and brand voice, your profile viewers should know with a glance what you, as a brand, stand for.

Brand Ambassadors

Instagram has rolled out its brand ambassador feature to help small brands and businesses reach more people without spending a lot. Brand ambassadors are users with a little following of a few hundred to a few thousand.

These creators have a very niche but engaging audience that can be influenced to try your products. In exchange, these creators get discounted offers for referring customers to the partner brand.

Many brands and influencers have reported promising results with their brand ambassador campaigns.

Your Account

Another powerful way to grow your Instagram followers and grow your business is to use your account. You can create and publish interesting and value-filled content to slowly build your audience. Once you have attracted a decent-sized audience, you can start cross-promoting your brand’s content.

Anine Bing is a fashion brand that uses this strategy smartly to generate engagement and boost brand awareness. Besides the company profile, the owner also uses her account to raise brand awareness and drive engagement to the content published on the brand’s account.

Feature Accounts 

These accounts curate the best content in a specific niche. Some of the accounts have millions of followers, and they can drive a massive following for your business profile. You will find feature accounts in every niche you can think of.

Discoverearth is a feature account in the adventurous travel niche. They have a massive following of over 6.6 million, and they share the most interesting and vibrant content in the niche from across the world.


Using the right hashtags can bring the right audience to your Instagram account if done right. Hashtags make your content searchable as well as rankable. They give your posts context which helps search engines understand what the post is about and who are the best potential users that might like it.

Depending on your Instagram journey, you should use appropriate hashtags. If you have a new account, you should focus on niche-down low-competition hashtags with a couple of thousand views. After you have gained a decent number of followers, you may scale up your hashtag strategy and utilize broad hashtags to reach a wider audience and grow your account.

Steal Followers

If you are struggling with gaining the attention of users on the app, then why not steal the followers of your competition? You can do so by following their accounts, leaving insightful comments on their posts, and liking their content.

These are valuable accounts that can be your raving fans and repeat customers if you can get on their radar. The reason is that they are interested in similar products or services like yours, and there is a high chance they might end up buying your stuff.

Final Words

We have covered 9 strategies to grow your Instagram followers and grow your brand. Instagram has always been evolving and changing. So, you need to stay updated with the new tools and strategies that top accounts in your niche are using.


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