How IVF is done – description of the procedure!

Today, the age when a woman thinks about having a child has increased significantly due to various circumstances. After 30 years, not all women can conceive and carry a child on their own, which is associated with emerging health problems. The only way out in this situation is IVF. Today, artificial insemination makes it possible for many infertile women to become pregnant, regardless of the cause of their illness. IVF rates in the form of an increase in the number of procedures performed are steadily growing yearly. IVF in Lahore is also becoming a standard procedure.

In vitro fertilization is a method of conception when fertilization occurs in the laboratory. For the first time, IVF was done several decades ago. Today, this manipulation is not something supernatural. This reproductive technology is used in many medical centers. IVF in Lahore is performed at the Genova Center clinic. Here, both paid artificial insemination and free of charge-are done.

Who can do IVF

To decide whether to do IVF, it is necessary to determine the indications for the procedure. This is especially true in cases where treatment is supposed to be free of charge. In this situation, a quota is allocated to a married couple, and state structures or insurance companies take over the financing. To get a quote and do the procedure, infertility doctors in Lahore must determine why IVF, in this case, is better than other methods of assisted reproductive technologies.

Main indications for the procedure

The tubal factor of infertility. To do IVF, a woman may not even have a fallopian tube, which does not affect the procedure’s success. If obstruction becomes the cause of infertility, then completely obliterated tubes can be removed before IVF for preparation.

Male factor infertility is also considered an indication of the procedure. The state of the spouse’s sperm is determined by conducting a program.

Endometriosis. Many are interested in whether to do IVF if the endometrium has begun to grow outside the uterus. Reproductologists say that it is better not to delay for a long time and agree to the procedure.

The age of the woman. This procedure is the only way out for couples who cannot conceive and carry a child on their own due to age. If in such a situation, resorting to IVF, a long-awaited baby’s birth will become a reality.

Pathology of the menstrual cycle in the form of problems with ovulation. During the year, any woman can have several anovulatory processes. This is the norm. However, if there were fewer than five ovulatory cycles in a year, this is a pathology. This pathology can be cured with the help of hormonal treatments. If conservative treatment is ineffective, the only way is to carry out artificial insemination.

Contraindications for IVF

In addition to the indications for the procedure, there are specific contraindications. Therefore, in each case, only the attending physician should decide whether to do IVF or not. Before treatment, a woman undergoes a thorough examination to identify possible contraindications.

Main contraindications:

  • Somatic pathology, in which it is impossible to carry a pregnancy.
  • Psychical deviations.
  • Anomalies of development or acquired deformities of the uterus, in which the implantation of embryos is problematic.
  • Malignant or benign neoplasms of the uterus and appendages that exclude hormonal preparation.
  • Cancer tumors of any localization.
  • Active inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system in men and women.

In any case, each couple’s treatment issue is considered individually.

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