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How To Safely Remove Window Glass

Why would you need to take the window’s glass out? The glass is usually fractured or cracked, or the insulated pane is no longer properly sealed, in most circumstances. Or perhaps it’s time to modernise your windows with smart glass or tinted ones. You’ll need to first remove the window glass and bring in the sash before professional glass stores can assist you in selecting and sizing the appropriate glass for the project. If a window or sash is broken and not moving, you might need to engage a professional glass installation specialist.

It’s not too difficult to remove the glass before visiting your local glass installation service, which can help you save money and time. Avoiding getting hurt by shattered glass is the hardest part.

Taking the Proper Safety Precautions

Wearing safety gear while working near glass is the golden guideline. Even tiny glass shards, whether broken intentionally or unintentionally, can pierce deeply and result in wounds. When working near glass, put on strong shoes or boots, gloves with leather palms, and safety glasses. Additionally advised are long pants and long sleeves.

Safely Removing Broken Glass

When you remove shattered glass from a window frame, you should try to limit the spread of the glass fragments and obtain those hard-to-get-out pieces without injuring yourself. This is how:

Step 1: Use tape.

Cover the entire window pane, including the damaged area, with masking tape. Instead, totally cover the glass with tape strips on one side without pressing too firmly on it. As you work, the tape will prevent glass shards from flinging outside the window. Don’t use duct tape or anything else particularly sticky since you want to be able to carefully remove the glass pieces from the tape.

Step 2: Protect the area.

Lay out a dropcloth or tarp that you can remove if glass breaks on top of it. It is best to carry out this procedure on both the outside and interior areas surrounding the window.

Step 3: Loosen the glass with a hand tool.

Some individuals will use a hammer’s butt, but a pry bar or other powerful hand tool will also work well. You want to use light taps to break up the glass. The larger bits can then be taken out and properly disposed of.

Step 4: Remove old glazing from around the frame.

The window frame will get the final pieces of glass. Remove the glazing keeping those stragglers in place with the use of a chisel or even a stiff putty knife. You might need to use a little more flexible putty knife to cut between the frame and the glass if caulk or tape was used to hold the window in place. Carefully remove the glass fragments from the frame and discard them.

Safely Removing Intact Glass Panes

There are three common techniques to instal window glass: with caulk, a gasket, or adhesive tape.


The glass is lined with removable stops or incredibly thin wood or plastic components. These must be removed in order to create a small opening so that you can cut through the caulk seal. Unfortunately, the plugs frequently become somewhat caulked and might be challenging to remove. Cut through any caulk you come across with a utility knife or a thin, flexible putty knife to remove the stops. The caulk can then be loosened or sliced through by flipping the window over and slipping the knife between the window and frame. If this assignment proves to be too challenging, you might need to break the glass out.

Adhesive Tape

The frame and glass are attached with double-faced tape rather than caulk, with a detachable stop placed on the opposite side. Starting at the top, you can loosen the stop using a flexible putty knife. To cut the tape and release the glass pane, flip the window over and insert the putty knife between the frame and the slightly loosening glass panel. It might be necessary to break the glass out if you can’t cut the tape.


The glass edges are trapped in a vinyl or thick plastic gasket and held in place by grooves in the window frame. The frame, which is kept together by screws on each corner, needs to be disassembled. The good news is that it will be the simplest to disassemble, allowing you to replace the complete glass before fitting the frame back together.

If necessary, any glazing that may be present between the glass and frame can typically be scraped off or taken off in small strips.

Cleaning Up Broken Glass

Wear protective gear if there is shattered glass before attempting to clean it up. Use duct tape or a lint roller to clean up any little particles after gently vacuuming the area around the windows. Put the glass fragments inside the two-layered, thick black trash bags that you have created by putting one bag inside the other. To alert any handlers to use caution, mark the bag with a sticker or tag that reads, “Broken Glass for Disposal.”

Call a qualified glass installer to handle the job if you have any concerns about removing glass or if you’re simply uneasy handling the glass in your window. The ideal replacement glass for your window and price range might be suggested by a professional.

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