How to Turn on Music on a Hoverboard via Bluetooth

The hoverboard bluetooth has a built in Bluetooth connection, enabling it to wirelessly connect to your device, so you can go hands free. This hoverboard can travel up to 12 miles per hour, perfect for traveling long distances. The hoverboard is also foldable, making it easy to transport.

A Hoverboard is a vehicle equipped with a lot of possibilities. Those. by purchasing such “wheels” for yourself, you can get the opportunity not only to ride with the breeze, but also, for example, listen to music. Walking on a hoverboard with sound is very impressive and cool! The main thing is that the function is provided for a specific model. But a novice user immediately has a question: how to properly connect music to a hoverboard via a bluetooth module. Let’s take a look at a few tips on this topic below.

How to connect hoverboard via bluetooth?

So, if you want to become the owner of a fashionable vehicle with which you can not only move around, but also listen to your favorite tracks, choose a model equipped with a bluetooth module. For example, smart balance wheel, wmotion, etc. electric platforms are equipped with this option.

Connecting music to the Smart Balance scooter via bluetooth is easy. In fact, no complex manipulations are needed here. We turn on the hoverboard and everything is ready for action. The phone detects the Bluetooth of the scooter in the same way that it detects a music headset.

Therefore, in order to launch your favorite playlist on your device, you must complete the following steps:

  • We start the Hoverboard;
  • Activate bluetooth on your phone / tablet;
  • Find your vehicle (will be displayed as a headset;
  • Making a connection;
  • Let’s start the audio track.
  • Go!

Usually, models with this feature are equipped with good speakers. And, therefore, by activating the soundtrack, it will be possible to ride with the breeze and with music. Your spectacular appearance will not go unnoticed, and the impression will be made.

What to do if bluetooth does not work?

What to do if the expectations did not come true and you couldn’t turn on your favorite music on your hoverboard from your phone? First, it is necessary to check whether the required module is exactly provided for in a particular vehicle variant. If everything is correct and the Bluetooth module is included, then you need to refer to the instructions. Secondly, it is likely that this feature is still included separately. How to configure its operation will be described in detail in the user application. However, marriage is also not excluded. If there are no visible reasons for the failure of the option, you should contact the service center.

Specialists will be able to diagnose and find the reason why the music on your hoverboard does not turn on. Most often, such problems are easily fixed, since they are not based on serious causes. But, situations are known when marriage takes place. In such cases, the vehicle must be exchanged (subject to warranty conditions) or returned.

One little tip. Since the moment of being able to turn on and listen to music via Bluetooth on a hoverboard is very important for you, check this option, as they say, without leaving the cash registe to read World newsr. This will save you from many troubles and the need to solve the problems of repair, replacement, refund.

Which models have this feature?

Listening to music will not work on any hoverboard. Immediately it is worth dismissing the so-called children’s models. As a rule, variants of the vehicle intended for connoisseurs and advanced users differ in serious “stuffing”.

The hoverboard bluetooth module is provided in the 8.10 inch categories of electric vehicles. Therefore, for the sake of this function, you must immediately consider the section where these models are proposed.

The most popular vehicle with this feature today is the smart balance wheel. However, he is not the only one of his kind. If necessary, you can choose another model that allows you to ride with the breeze and with News Tech.

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