How to Use EZ Bar Curl for Biceps and Triceps Workout? 


You will realize that there are different types of barbels the moment you start working out in the gym. From curl bars to straight bars to short bars to neutral grips, the list goes on and on. The more you train, the more you understand these different types of weight bars and the advantages and disadvantages of each. After understanding each, you will tailor your workouts to the specific bars for particular exercises.  

You require consistency and balance if you want to get stronger. You will need to work on your critical lifts for steady progression. Furthermore, you must incorporate variation, mixing up accessory lifts and augmenting your training to enable your muscles to grow and adapt.  

Triceps dips, barbell bicep curls, push-ups, and bench presses are the main exercises for arm development. Most lifters utilize these exercises since they have been tried and tested. Yet, it might be time to change your routine if your arms are no longer developing.  

One incredible tool that can help you maximize your strength and stimulate new growth is the Ez-bar. It is a barbell variant with an undulating handle that activates more muscles than barbells or dumbbells and expands your motion range.  

This piece is aimed at helping you understand how to utilize the Ez-bar for the triceps and biceps. But first, you need to understand what an Ez curl bar is.   

What Is an EZ Bar Curl? 


An EZ bar curl is similar to a standard straight barbell but with a zigzag shape that allows you to have more grip variability enabling a more comfortable joint-friendly grip. These bars come in various weights, angles, and sizes to suit different needs.  

The bar was not accidentally named EZ. They are easier to hold on your wrist, making them better for targeting different groups of muscles through tricep extensions, curls, upright rows, and so on.  

A study compared the eccentric and concentric phases of dumbbells and barbell curls using an EZ or straight bar. It found that persons who used the EZ bar had more activation in their biceps, brachioradialis, and brachial.  


How to Use an EZ Bar? 


There are different ways to use an EZ bar, and various positions will help target specific areas. Below are some of the ways you can use this curl bar.  

  • Using the bar in a standing position – This applies when you are doing standing biceps curl. It would be best to stand with your shoulders and feet apart with knees slightly bent to aid stability.  

Tuck in your elbows and hold on to the EZ bar with the underhand grip, meaning the palms will face away from your direction. Then, slowly curl the bar in your direction, keeping your shoulders back and chest out. Ensure that your elbows are tucked throughout, and then resume the starting position. Repeat sets as needed. 

  • Seated position – Sit on the end of an adjustable or flat bench, keeping your feet directly under your knees. Begin with the bar positioned on your thighs and grip it with your palms facing away from you and your shoulders and hands wide apart.  

Curl the bar toward your chest with your spine neutral, keeping the elbows tucked in. You will eliminate all momentum and ensure all the weight remains on the biceps. Now, return to the starting position 

  • Using the bar with a preacher curl bench – The preacher curl allows you to isolate your triceps and biceps further since you will not be activating muscles such as your core. Keep your chest against the flat pad with the back of your arms on the sloped pad. 

Hold the curl bar with your arms facing upwards or underside grip and curl it in your direction. The elbows should always be tucked in to isolate your biceps. Return to the starting position.  



What Are the Exercises You Can Do with the Bar? 


The EZ curl bar is a more effective barbell used for various exercises, not only those targeting your triceps and biceps. These are the exercises you can undertake with the bar: 

  • French bench 
  • Spider curl 
  • Overhead tricep extension 
  • Bent over rows 
  • Drag curl 
  • Upright rows 
  • Close grip curl 
  • Skull crushers 
  • Hip thrusts 
  • Reverse grip curl 


Why Should You Use an EZ Bar? 


An EZ curl bar allows you to hold it without placing your forearms in a supinated position. It might seem intimidating, but it is a better alternative if you lack wrist mobility and have pain during straight bar curls.  

The bar allows you to have a better grip, better balance, and enhanced activation of the muscles. So, it offers more than a straight curl.  



Wrapping Up 


There is no limit to what you can achieve in the gym if you set your mind to it. Whether you are starting your fitness journey or looking to switch things up, utilizing an EZ curl bar in your training will be one of your best workout decisions. You can start low and gradually up the weight, and you are guaranteed a well-tuned body and killer arms.  

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