3 Top Timeshare Exit Companies You Can Swear By

It’s obvious that we sometimes miscalculate our decision and regret it later. Similarly, the timeshare concept might attract you initially, but can become an unavoidable liability that you might not like. If you are already struggling with the same situation, you might be searching for a sure-shot way to get rid of your agreement.  If so, there are timeshare exit companies who can terminate your contract legally.

As you cannot terminate your contract by yourself, a good timeshare exit company will guide you through loopholes and help you eliminate the financial liabilities tied to your contract. Another reason why you require an exit company is “a few fraudulent timeshares exit companies offer the same services, but with the intention to cheat you”.

If you are already searching for a Legit timeshare exit company, then this guide might help you.

Reviews of Timeshare Exit Companies 

You will require a reliable and certified timeshare exit company if you cannot terminate your contract. With our research, we have found a few certified exit companies that got BBB ratings. If you want to find a suitable exit company, these reviews of timeshare exit companies might help you make wise decisions.

1.     Timeshare Specialists   

If you have a timeshare contract you no longer require, you can hire a timeshare exit company like – Timeshare Specialists. It’s one of the most affordable yet certified exit companies in its region. The sole aim of Timeshare Specialists is to end the ownership of the unwanted contract by all means. Even if you have a legal proceeding and your agreement, Timeshare Specialists will make it happen and terminate your contract.


  • BBB ratings
  • No up-front fees charged
  • Provide credit protection
  • Provide brokerage service
  • Supports simple deed transfers
  • High customer ratings
  • Works with low maintenance fee timeshares
  • Works with Inherited timeshares
  • Experienced in working with resale market timeshares

2.     Wesley Financial Group  

If you hire Wesley Financial Group to terminate your unwanted timeshare contract you have a dedicated team of experts, who will terminate the agreement and eliminate mortgage or maintenance charges. Even if you have a few legalities in your case, Wesley group is capable enough to get your contract terminated legally.

The team will first review your account, look for possible loopholes that hinder your case, and guide you through all the available options. Once the primary investigation is complete, then the team of Wesley Financial Group will terminate your contract. This exit company is also famous for practicing the advocate model, with which timeshare owners can eliminate any financial liabilities tied to their contract with a single call or mail.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Equipped with 400+ experienced employees
  • Service since 2012
  • 95+ success rate with 100% refund
  • High Dunn & Bradstreet Rating
  • A+ BBB ratings

3. Timeshare Compliance  

If you search for a timeshare exit company with an advocacy group, Timeshare compliance is the right option. Since 2012, this firm has been striving to terminate unwanted contracts and set its clients free of maintenance charges and mortgage fees. Due to the transparency of their working process and good track record, Timeshare compliance has received Better Business Bureau ratings and Trustpilot ratings. In addition to that, this firm is also honored for its ethical approach.


  • A+ BBB ratings
  • Escrow payment option
  • Got honor for ethics
  • Highly rated services
  • Working partnerships with finance companies
  • Spanish language agents
  • Available on weekends


Our article was helpful enough to guide you through some of the best timeshare companies to terminate unwanted timeshare contracts. The only thing you should consider is – All these companies take 8 to 24 months to terminate the agreement. You can hire any of them if you are comfortable with the period.


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