Planning to Invest Rs. 10,000 a Month? Here are 3 Ways.

Investment plans are financial products that offer the chance to invest periodically in various funds and schemes to achieve financial goals. Investment plans also assist in forming disciplined investing habits in investors. This enables them to build long-term wealth and meet their long-term financial goals. The best investment plan in India gives you the ability to invest in different money market items in a methodical manner. Investment strategies give investors the much-needed advantage of maximising their savings through long-term, disciplined investing and wealth creation for the future. Identifying one’s financial needs and risk tolerance is the first stage in creating an investing strategy. Only then can one choose the best plan. The following are the three best investment possibilities to earn maximum return:

  1. Fixed deposits- Investing in a fixed deposit is always a safe and popular option for investors in India. DIGC regulations will cover depositors for both the principal and the amount of interest paid up to a limit of Rs. 5 lahks. One may choose a tenure that varies from month to month, quarterly, annually, or with a cumulative interest option depending on the situation. The income will include the earned interest rate and be taxed in accordance with the tax bracket. Senior citizens get special interest rates on FDs in post offices. Fixed deposit interest rates for senior citizens are around 7%. 
  2. Public provident funds- Another option for investing is the Public Provident Fund, which is an excellent and favoured option for most investors. The PPF’s 15-year term is its key selling point, and the tax-free interest will significantly impact it. Investing in a PPF is secure because the national guarantee backs the principal investment and interest earned.
  3. Equity mutual funds- The majority of the investments are made in equities stocks in terms of equity mutual funds. It is crucial that the investor holds 60% of the assets in relation to the equity and similarly equity-related tools under the mutual fund regulations. This is necessary when it comes to a scheme based on equity mutual funds. The management of the equity mutual fund might be either active or passive. The returns mostly depend on the manager’s capacity to produce returns when it comes to an actively traded fund. The capitalisation of the marker or even the places where one desires to invest are used to separate the equity schemes. Additionally, it is divided into two categories based on whether the stocks are invested in domestic Indian corporations or international foreign companies.

Benefits of the best investment plans:

Investment plans have various advantages that you should consider including in your financial portfolio. 

  1. Protection of loved ones- The best investment plan from a reputed financial institution like Bajaj Finserv can secure your family’s future. Return on investments with coverage offers both returns and life cover. This means that the insured person’s family will either get the full fund value if the insured passes away. The family can get the money as a lump sum or in the form of monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly payments. These returns serve to secure the family’s requirements and financial goals in this case. 
  2. Goal-based planning- Saving money for a goal is a terrific method to achieve it, whether that goal is purchasing a home, preparing for marriage, or retiring. Investors can achieve long-term financial objectives through long-term lock-in investment plans like creating a retirement fund or contributing to a child’s education. 
  3. Wealth creation- The greatest method to grow your stagnated funds is to combine prudent saving with investing in the correct investment opportunities. You have a high chance of building wealth over the long term if you follow a disciplined investing strategy and make regular investments. High returns on investment will help your money grow over time and provide a safety net for your loved ones.


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