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Roof Leaks: 7 Reasons and Fixes You Must Know

A leaking roof is a daunting mishap that restricts daily life. You may notice water dripping from the roof or see an evident pool of water on the floor, but this isn’t the only sign of a roof leak. The plumber Werribee say in some cases, you may not even realize there’s a problem until significant damage has already been done. That’s why it’s essential to know the causes and fixtures of roof leaks so you can take action quickly.

1. Broken Tiles

As tiles are placed on the exterior layer of your roof, broken tiles are a common problem. After bad rain, you can find some in your yard. Tiles frequently disappear during storms and strong winds. It could be brought on by improper shingle installation on modern roofs, or several weather events might have damaged the seal on older roofs. However, missing tiles indicate that a portion of your roof needs to be adequately covered.

Fixture: An unskilled professional should only navigate a safe roof. Furthermore, leaks frequently only occur where the roof is genuinely vulnerable. A certified roofing plumber in Werribee should repair your missing tiles. You can avoid future problems by fixing damaged tiles correctly the first time.

2. Clogged Gutter

Another prevalent problem that is also quite noticeable is clogged gutters. You might be able to see leaves, twigs, and other debris sticking out of your gutters, depending on how nasty the clog is. You could also notice no water passing through your downspout during a downpour. Your roof may have problems if the water in the gutter cannot go through it. In the case of a backup, water may seep into the eaves and eventually cause decay. Rotting wood puts your roof’s entire structure in danger and can cause it to collapse.

Fixture: Roof leaks frequently result from clogged gutters, and clearing the obstruction requires both a ladder and a willingness to get your hands filthy. For simple clean-up, we advise laying a large tarp underneath the gutters as you remove them. Installing gutter screens is a great strategy to preserve healthy gutters in the future after making sure your gutters are clear of debris.

3. Wrong Installed Skylight

While skylights may bring great natural light into your house, they may also cause a leak. You’ve uncovered the problem if you always need to pull drip buckets beneath the skylight of your house during storms. Similarly, it’s probably the cause of water stains emerging on your ceiling near your skylight.

Fixture: Examine the outside of your skylight to see if you are at ease enough to travel your roof. If not, you can inspect the window below the skylight for potential fractures (inside your home). Contact a plumber in Altona if the issue requires flashing or reinstallation.

4. Holes

Did a recent severe weather occurrence in your neighborhood result in a branch breaking a tile or puncturing your roof? There is a good chance you now have a hole in your roof. Your roof will thus be more susceptible to leaks as a result.

Fixture: The hole size will significantly impact how the problem should be handled. Scheduling a roof inspection and quotation with an experienced roofing plumber in Werribee might be needed. While the current issue could be a hole, it might have generated problems that are difficult for the untrained eye to notice. If the best course of action is to patch the hole or deal with something more serious, a roof repair professional will know that.

5. Cracked Chimney

A chimney makes a unique valley. To stop water from leaking in, the joints it produces must be sealed. There is a chance for leaks if your chimney displays indications of wear around the mortar joints or the flashing where the chimney and roof meet.

Fixture: Hiring a plumber in Werribee is the best way to fix your damaged chimney. The anatomy of a chimney is intricate, so you need a specialist with the knowledge and tools to repair any weak spots.

6. Build-Up

Look for mould and mildew in your attic. These are usually tiny, irregular dots that might be brown, green, orange, or white. Black mould spreads swiftly, usually in a circular pattern, and is highly hazardous. Only substances that mould can consume, such as newspapers, can support its growth. A musty odour is also likely to be present.

Fixture: Given that black mould is so hazardous, you should have a plumber in Werribee handle any issues involving it. Consider adding an attic ventilation fan to help improve air circulation and remove too much moisture once the mould is treated.

7. Cracks 

Under the tiles, flashing is a thin layer of metal that serves as a watertight barrier. When tiles break, flashings are exposed or fractured, or they slide out of position due to missing nails. Furthermore, the age of the flashing itself may be the source of damage, depending on the structure of your roof.

Fixture: A DIY fix might cause more severe harm to your roof because flashing lies underneath your tiles. Furthermore, altering significant components of your roof system may void its guarantee. So, think about connecting with a plumber in Altona.

Wrapping Up

No one wants their home to suffer from a leaking roof, but unfortunately, it happens more often than we’d like. That’s why it’s essential to watch for any potential warning signs so you can take action before more severe damage occurs. If you think your roof is leaking, don’t hesitate to contact plumbers in Werribee immediately! With their help and expertise, you’ll have a safe home.

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