English Medium Universities for Study MBBS in China

A study MBBS in China program is very affordable because most of the leading medical universities offer scholarships to deserving students. Even without grants, MBBS prices in China are fairly reasonable. Typically, MBBS China fees start at Rs 3 lakh per year, with a five-year duration costing around Rs 15 lakh in Indian currency. Even when compared to other European countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, Korea, Japan, and so forth, studying MBBS in China is highly economical, with high-quality education, the best infrastructure, and many additional work chances in other disciplines.

English Medium Universities for Study MBBS in China

China’s medical universities are world-class, with a high standard of education, making it the most popular destination for medical studies in the country. The finest thing is that the MBBS degree offered is recognized globally. Pursuing Study MBBS in China will not be a problem for Indians, and they will not experience many food-related issues because Chinese cuisine is quite popular among the younger population all over the world. Apart from food, the most crucial factor to consider when studying abroad is climate, which is incredibly comfortable in China. The best thing is that if medical students complete their internship in China, they do not have to repeat it in India.

Fees Structure of Study MBBS in China

The cost structure of Chinese medical universities varies depending on the university and location. Fees to study medicine in several major cities, like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Sichuan, are relatively high when compared to smaller cities. Similarly, the cost of living and living standards differ while studying in China. Another key reason for such a large disparity in MBBS course expenses in China is that the medium of instruction is in English. In China, the Ministry of Education has permitted a few medical institutes to provide MBBS courses in English. Only medical universities that do not teach in English can charge lower rates, but they are not recognized by The Medical Council of India.

In 2023, these universities had the lowest tuition structure for Indian students among all study-abroad destinations and medical institutes in India. This is why Indian medical students opt to pursue MBBS or other equivalent degree programs in China with affordable tuition.

The cost structure for all of China’s medical colleges has been disclosed on the websites, and the greatest thing is that there are no donations or hidden charges, making it the most reliable source for aspirants seeking a medical degree in China. Furthermore, because there are no private medical colleges in China and all medical universities are run and owned by the Chinese government, the MBBS fees in China are structured in such a way that any common deserving medical aspirant can fulfill his or her dream of becoming a doctor solely based on merits and qualification.


Initially, practically all of China’s leading medical schools would offer MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degrees in Chinese. However, beginning in 2004, the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Chinese government provided authorization to a select college to offer this medical program course in English. Because China has been famous for its traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine all over the world since ancient times, MBBS using English as a medium of instruction was never a priority for Chinese medical schools.

Medical Aspirants:

However, when many medical aspirants from all over the world migrated to China in 2010-2011 to pursue their MBBS degree from Chinese medical institutions, the Ministry of Education of China (MOE) granted authorization to several more medical universities to give MBBS courses in English medium. Later, in the 2014-2015 school year, the MOE granted permission to 45 Chinese medical institutes to provide MBBS courses in English to international students.


Despite this, a few lesser-known medical universities in China and some local agents in India brainwashed many medical aspirants into enrolling in bilingual courses and misled them by convincing them that the medium of instruction would be in both English and Chinese for the MBBS program, wherein the aspirants would pursue their course in Chinese as the medium of instruction during the first year and English as the medium of instruction from the second year onwards. The proportion of Indian medical applicants choosing bilingual universities was relatively significant since they charge far lower tuition than universities that offer the entire degree in English.


Furthermore, many Indian medical aspirants have been experiencing difficulties in bilingual medium medical institutes in recent years, prompting multiple complaints to the Indian embassy in China. As a result of these complaints, the MOE publicly notified the Indian embassy about the 45 listed medical universities that are solely recognized and approved to offer MBBS courses in English. Moving on, in China, MBBS is taught in either Chinese or English, and Clinical Integrative Medicine is another course taught in English that combines Western and Traditional Chinese medicine.


As a result, any Indian medical candidate who wishes to pursue study in China in English medium must now ensure admission to just the 45 designated medical institutes in China, with costs ranging from 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per year. As a result, medical aspirants who enroll in any other medical university in China other than the 45 specified universities, or who are misled by any local agent for an unregistered university, will be denied admission to the Medical Council of India’s NEXT Examination.

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