The 9 Best Employee Background Check Software to Use Before Hiring 

Consumers in the United States reported losing more than $5.8 billion to identity theft in 2021, up more than 70 percent from the year before, according to the Federal Trade Commission. As such, it’s essential to conduct checks on your potential hires.  Employees conduct background checks to build a team they can trust. If you’re looking to mitigate risk and protect your company’s reputation, using pre-employment background screening during your hiring process is crucial. Over 93% of businesses throughout the world use background checks as part of their employment procedures, according to statistics compiled by the industry. 


The following background checks are proven to help you conduct seamless checks during a hiring process: (Verify UI) 

Introduced by, a prominent provider of information verification technology for organizations, Verify UI uses machine learning, computer vision, and AI for forensic identity authentication of your users. provides global photo ID and passport authentication, a variety of knowledge tests, background checks, continuous monitoring, and more. By integrating Authenticate’s background identity verification API on platforms like Shopify, businesses can verify users and prevent fraud without writing a single line of code.    

This software can also confirm the person’s personally identifying information in the US, Canada, and 31 other countries worldwide, thanks to access to the most reliable databases, giving us the most effective identity authentication and fraud prevention solution currently on the market.  



HireRight is a well-known company that offers on-demand background checks for employment, drug tests, Form I-9s, and employment and educational verifications. HireRight is a renowned company that offers on-demand background checks for employment, drug tests, Form I-9s, and employment and educational verifications.  

This background screening tool is intended to help small enterprises and multinational and international organizations. It can work independently or be integrated with other ATS packages that offer more extensive recruitment functions. 


3. Equifax Verification


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Equifax TotalVerify is a comprehensive data hub that provides a more informed picture of individuals to help you make better decisions. It provides employment, income, and education data for lenders, credit issuers, government agencies, and others, allowing them to make more informed decisions faster.  

To give you complete information, TotalVerify delivers data directly from reliable sources, such as education, incarceration, court, and payroll. This almost real-time information can help remove doubt surrounding your crucial work in safety, eligibility, and business.  

Equifax offers monitoring and management services for identity theft and credit. It also provides ID and credit protection services at a set price for individuals and families, as well as special features like credit report freezes and automatic fraud alerts. 

4. Good Hire

This hiring software enables users to perform background checks on prospective hires. Employers can immediately review a candidate’s record and discover any potential legal issues by using GoodHire. 


GoodHire is simple to customize to match the hiring process used by your business. You obtain speedy results whether you’re a significant organization overseeing screening for numerous sites or a small business that periodically needs to perform a background check. Other services offered by GoodHire include healthcare sanctions, identification verification, and credit checks. 

5. Intelius


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Intelius is a leading provider of publicly available data on people and their relationships with others. Doing a background check online with a reputable company like the Intelius app is a simple way to ensure that the people you meet are safe to be around. You can take advantage of several benefits with an Intelius membership or a one-time purchase of a single background check report.  

When you request a background check from Intelius, you may obtain a report that details the person’s criminal past, marital and divorce history, involvement in any lawsuits, bankruptcies, liens against them, and other information. Other fundamental People Search data, such as complete name, birthday, addresses, and be part of your background check. 

6. BeenVerified

Founded by Ross Cohen and Josh Levy founded Been Verified in 2007, BeenVerified is a New York-based software company that collects data from thousands of public sources and makes it available in one place. It provides search results by sifting through a massive database of aggregated public data from dozens of sources, which includes public records, criminal history information, property records, social media accounts, and more. Although this information is widely available, having it all in one place is highly convenient.  

This service combines several benefits, including background checks and phone number lookups. BeenVerified provides self-monitoring as well as professionally monitored data services. It’s also a great way to get quick access to public records. Education and professional history, licenses, and criminal records are some items you can obtain information about. 

7. HireSafe


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HireSafe has the knowledge and experience to help our clients navigate the hiring process. HireSafe, founded in 1997, offers the best background screening services, programs, coverage, and technology. Its innovative and client-driven background screening programs are accompanied by exceptional account management and a laser-like focus on quality and compliance.  

In addition, this software provides personal contact information, SSN validation, and National Sex Offender records searches. Employee background check reports from HireSafe are typically completed in 48-72 hours, depending on the complexity of the check. 

8. Checkr

Checkr’s AI-powered technology and built-in tools help ensure you are in compliance with the FCRA and local laws. Employers can use this staffing and background screening solution to perform background checks while reducing complexity, mitigating risks, and increasing productivity during the hiring process.   

Checkr also has a mobile-friendly candidate portal that aims to improve the candidate experience. This background screening solution integrates with third-party HR and recruiting systems, incorporating background checks into existing systems via APIs. It also assists organizations in discovering hiring patterns through real-time dashboards and relevant insights. 

9. SterlingOne (Talentwise)

Sterling Talent Solutions provides various recruiting services and solutions for hiring managers who wish to delve deeper, including criminal background checks and other verification and employee auditing tools. 

SterlingOne’s pre-employment background screening capabilities can benefit an HR department looking for employment background check services.  

Sterling Talent Solutions works with companies in various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, and technology. And in case you want to integrate SterlingOne with a third-party HR software package or an applicant tracking system (ATS), the company has some integrations with leading third-party players like Oracle. 

In Conclusion 

The benefits of conducting thorough background checks on potential employees include lowering the risk of violence in the workplace, improving the quality of applicants, decreasing the number of people who leave their jobs due to dishonesty, increasing productivity, and minimizing financial losses and public scrutiny. These apps will get you started on verifying your potential employees so you can hire the best.   



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