The Importance of Teacher Training in Pakistan!

The Importance Of Teacher training is understood as any process, formal and informal, of professional preparation for the exercise of pedagogical praxis.

It includes the university course that leads to obtaining the title and later the refresher and postgraduate courses.

Likewise, during the performance in the classroom, in his professional intervention in a specific context, the teacher acquires and consolidates specialized knowledge and skills.

Teacher Training of high social relevance

In this way, it can be pointed out that teacher training of high social relevance is a dynamic, permanent process and is closely linked to classroom practice.

The following are the reasons why a teacher must be trained for the profession. Professional Practice is Full of Unknowns.

The teacher is a professional whose daily practice is full of unknowns that are not answered with preconceived formulas and that require the structuring of their knowledge, A1 exam skills, and values to solve daily problems that are presented to them in the educational space.

In other words, the reflection on their work in the classroom allows the learning obtained by the teacher formally and informally to take concrete forms and acquire a meaning that ensures its social transcendence.

Teacher as a Builder of Culture

From a modern cultural perspective, the teacher is the center from where the action is born and from where the action is programmed.

This does not focus so much on the transmission of values as on the stimulation of the student’s personal development so that he can be a builder of culture rather than a continuator of it.

Consequently, we must overcome the idea according to teachers are prepared to teach a subject or an area and not to participate in the production of some knowledge.

Heterogeneity in Practice

The dominant social culture in the political and economic context to which the school belongs inevitably impregnates the human exchanges that take place in it.

The heterogeneity in practice explains why each program, each center, each teacher, and each student presents a different casuistry.

Hence, the pedagogical dynamic is so rich and varied that it makes each practice a unique experience, thus valuing the true balance between professional autonomy and the need to respond to a social commitment to equality.

Every educational experience is different

Small particular realities that are built daily in the classroom express the history, society, and culture of each one of the actors that participate in this complex reality.

Harmonize the Individualities It is ultimately the teacher, SELT exam in his role as a learning mediator, who can harmonize the individualities of a group, without losing the ideal of equality.

The challenge, on this occasion, is imposed by the cultural diversity and socioeconomic differences of those who make up today’s school.

Pedagogical Competence

In this way, it could be affirmed that the teacher’s pedagogical competence would be associated with his ability to build an academic culture in the classroom linked to reading and interpretation, discussion, and reflection.

The ability to predict and configure aspects necessary to act responsibly and with the desire and willingness to know.

This pedagogical competence is also important to promote interaction situations that help the development of moral conscience.

Summary In summary,

Teacher training consists of the professional preparation and emancipation of the teacher to develop, through reflective criticism, an effective teaching style that promotes meaningful learning in students and achieves innovative action thinking, ACT Pakistan works as a team with colleagues to develop a common educational project.

That is the challenge that today’s society imposes. This is the path that every teacher whose work and mission meet the requirements of their social context must follow.

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