What are things iOS does better than Android?

The debate between iOS and Android is endless. Android has obtained an edge over iOS but there are some things that iOS has improved to help keep users glued to Apple devices. A lot of people argue that both Apple and iOS are status symbols, and Android’s open-source nature is much better than iOS.

Now is the time to have a good look at the things iOS has been doing better to retain users and maintain the operating system in a much better manner:

iOS is quicker and smoother

iOS is generally known for being seamless and smooth. It has no hiccups which Android has. Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max is at the moment, Apple’s most powerful phone. A six core CPU with 6GB of RAM, such specifications are somehow midrange when compared to Android’s incumbent phones.

People often are mired in specifications and processing power plus chipsets. They say Apple has better processors than Qualcomm but now it is different.

iOS works best with all devices Apple has made. Its tighter ecosystem makes for tighter integration and that is the reason iPhones do not need any much super powerful specifications to match Android’s phones. Apple promises closer optimization between hardware and software.

Apple Inc. does its best to ensure it controls all aspects of production to create the best hardware. It even ensures its resources are used more effectively and wastage is reduced. Developers follow a very strict process of app development in releasing the best developed apps which are also optimized for iPhones and iPads.

However, it does not imply that iOS devices are able to outmatch Android devices. SOme Android phones from Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola and LG were able to outgun and outmatch  the iPhone and iPad.

It is user friendly

Android is loved by almost everyone and it’s more like a less enticing platform to the general consumer. Google has partnered with many smartphone manufacturers in making Android a better operating system. Post Android 12, Android has been getting better but also confusing. Random icon placements, loads of settings and a lot of customization just isn’t for everyone.

ALso, there is inconsistency between various phone manufacturers and that has put a dent on the learning curve. In short, a phone from RealMe is different from that of Motorola, Samsung, Lenovo and Lava.

This is why Apple’s users and fans love the simplicity of the iOS. THis is one of the things Apple has indeed done better than Google. There are not many in terms of added features and that may be the plus point of iOS. 

In short, no iPhone user wants a phone that is messy and provides a lot of complications in terms of customizing it. This is why it only takes a small amount of effort to customize an iPhone or an iPad in comparison to an Android phone.

iOS often brings home pages with rows and columns of icons and users can organize them the way they want to. Settings of most iOS devices are straightforward which provide users a seamless experience.

iOS is able to provide its users an intuitive user experience which has a minimal learning curve. This is the reason why children are able to use iPads with relevant ease. iOS device owners can easily testify to this fact without much hesitation.

Timely software updates

iOS is well known for its timely software updates. If the iOS device is qualified to get the latest update, it automatically gets updated before the device starts. For older iOS devices, it comes as bad news because they cannot manage more resource-intensive versions of iOS quite well. But this is a different topic for later discussion.

However, iOS’s current update process is not as seamless as that of Android. Google’s Pixel series are blessed with direct updates and so are Samsung’s phones. Previously, Motorola, Sony and Samsung had to get updates from Google manually and it would take a month. Now the updates on Android come in an instant.

iOS leads the way in contactless payments

In this regard Google Pay has been working quite well but in many Android phones, it does not come as an already installed app. In between, the service took a backseat and Google only paid attention to it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple Pay however has been conducting contactless payments nicely and is the only polished option present. It works quite well on all iPhones, iPads and iWatches. Banks also support Apple Pay as well as credit cards (even the small scale financial service providers seem to like it too). However, it should be learnt that Apple Pay is basically the benchmark for Google Pay.

In fact, almost 85% of retailers in the United States and Canada gladly accept Apple Pay. Nowadays, Apple offers its credit card and with it comes a lot of nice benefits. Beginners can get 2% cashback on most Apple Pay purchases and the Apple Card works only with iOS. 


Professionals from a mobile app development company in Dubai are seeing that Apple has been fine tuning existing services to help retain customers. Apple’s newer devices aren’t offering much of features to woo new customers and existing customers are only hooked to the company due to the level of service it provides.

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