What is a Smart Balance kids hoverboard and how does it work?

Hoverboard (two-wheeled scooter, self-balancing scooter) is a mobile, economical, maneuverable personal vehicle in the form of a transverse bar with two wheels on the sides, independent electric motors powered by a battery, and a system of gyroscopic sensors responsible for self-balancing and maintaining the horizontal position of the platform for the feet. Principle of operation: When the center of gravity of the body shifts forward, the gyroscopes catch the dynamic redistribution of the load and the motor starts to rotate, setting the wheels in motion. Leaning back, the user sets the movement in the opposite direction. When transferring body weight to one leg, the corresponding motor is turned on and, as a result, the kids hoverboard rotates.

    hoverboardWhat is the Suspension and clearance of the Smart Balance scooter?

The concept of suspension is not applicable to kids hoverboards, and clearance and patency directly depend on the diameter and type of wheel. Scooters with wheels of  6.5  and  8 inches  are perfect for use in the city, on asphalt and paved paths. Models with large chamber 10 and  10.5-inch wheels  can rightfully be considered off-road vehicles among kids hoverboards, and will easily overcome any uneven asphalt, lawns or gravel paths.

At what age can you ride a hoverboard?

Age doesn’t really matter. The main thing is that the rider’s weight should be at least 15-20 kg – for small hoverboards; 25-30 kg – for  large 10-inch hoverboards ; 10 kg  This is necessary for the correct operation of the sensors. With a small weight, for example, if a child stands up, or if you lightly put one foot on the kids  hoverboard, the weight may not be enough, and the kids hoverboard will begin to vibrate. This is especially true for 10-inch devices. However, very young children can ride classic models, as you can see from the video below. We offer  to buy  a good quality kids hoverboard on the website, a large selection of models.

Do you have kids hoverboards used, at a discount, discounted?

We occasionally sell off-the-shelf items or prototypes with minor scratches or scuffs for a discount. To find out about the availability of such products, follow the news, visit the website or call. We offer  to buy  a high quality kids hoverboard on the website, a large selection of models.

Why do you need Bluetooth in a kids hoverboard?

Using the Bluetooth module, you can download your favorite music to the built-in music player in the scooter and enjoy it during the trip. In addition, there is nothing complicated about how to turn on music on a kids hoverboard via bluetooth. This can be done using any mobile device – smartphone or tablet. There are even special applications designed specifically for the interaction of a smartphone and a kids hoverboard. Sometimes they are offered together with the vehicle itself.

What batteries are in hoverboards?

Kids Hoverboards use the most popular lithium-ion type batteries today. In the hoverboards sold in the store, Samsung and LG brand batteries are installed in the wheels of the gyro scooters   – this is in most cases. Some kids hoverboards use Sony batteries or other Chinese quality batteries. Don’t worry, we haven’t had a single battery fire or explosion yet.

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