What is the importance of home health care during covid-19?

Sometimes it is tough to accept that our parents cannot care for themselves anymore. At that moment, the best we can do is to nurture them with home health care services, where professional nurses give medical and non-medical support within the comfort of their homes.

So, which in-home care service is suitable for the senior one you love so much?

If not, read this blog; this will help you to know everything about home nursing in Dubai.

What are the types of home care?

You can choose any one of the following homecare by Call Doctor depending upon the need and condition of your relative.

  1. Home Health Care – This care is provided by an expert nurse, physician, physiotherapist, and occupational therapist. Moreover, this home care helps the patient recover from illness or injury rapidly.
  2. Home Care Services – Professional caregivers assist the ill in daily activities, such as bathing and cleaning. Plus, it also covers healthy meal preparation, housework, and companionship.

Type of medical professionals who give home nursing services in Dubai.


Physiotherapists are specially trained practitioners who restore movements and function through multiple workouts. Moreover, physiotherapists also provide home nursing in Dubai when a person is suffering from any: sports injury, stroke, orthopedic, arthritis, mobility and balance issues, back pain, neck pain, or tendon problem.

General physician:

General physicians are compassionate doctors who deal with available adults’ problems like:

  1. High BP or diabetes.
  2. Vomiting and nausea.
  3. Flu, allergies, and fever.
  4. Sinusitis, tonsillitis.
  5. Pneumonia.
  6. And many more

Speech & Occupational therapist

Speech & Occupational therapists are professionals who treat language and speech delays. First, they visit the home to have a one-to-one session with someone with an issue; then, they will articulate a proper plan. For instance, this plan includes treatments, timeline, cost of services, type of therapies, and results. Moreover, not only children the adults can also get this therapy.

 ICU-trained nurse:

ICU-trained nurses are different from simple caregivers and personal attendants. They have some extra knowledge to deal professionally with bedbound, wheelchair-bound, or homebound patients. Let’s see when you need those skilled nurses.

  1. Management of oxygen.
  2. Control of the patient’s IV line
  3. Wound care.
  4. When post-surgery care is needed.
  5. Nutritional support.

Benefits provided by Call Doctor

Customized and personalized care: Personalized care means that all activities during treatment are according to the patient’s needs and the doctor’s instructions.

In-expensive service: One of the top benefits of home nursing in Dubai is that it cuts the cost of hospitalization, where we have to pay thousands of dollars for a few nights.

Safety: Home nursing services in Dubai reduce the risk of clinical infections.

Minimize recovery time: It is found that patients tend to heal more quickly at home at the hospital. The reason for this is that along with home care nursing in Dubai, the person gets emotional and spiritual support from his family members.

Satisfaction: By getting in-home care for patients, the family members remain satisfied, as they do not have to visit the hospital repeatedly to see their loved ones.

Give your parents some reasons to smile.

After reading the above information, analyze the health condition of your elder one, and after that, if you think they need home nursing services in Dubai, then get in touch with Call Doctor (A medical care provider). They have the best solution to your elder problems. Plus, give you highly trained staff who help your loved one, from getting out of bed to speech therapy. So, to get all the aid at your doorstep, contact Call Doctor now.

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