Which Topic Is Too Broad For A Cause And Effect Essay?

Choosing a good point for a cause-and-effect essay topic requires reasonable consideration. Most of the time, the issues we choose for our essays are too broad and generic or too narrow. It’s okay, we are humans, and humans do make mistakes. But, choosing a topic that is too broad might not be a mistake. That is why we are here to inform you on “which topic is too broad to write my essay?” so that next time you choose a topic, you are sure of the moderation that must be kept. Keep reading this if you want to explore more.

A broad topic is one about which there are tons of available information sources on it and focuses on a single important concept overall but with a need for more specific direction for the outline. Such topics are usually distracting and would confuse the writer to focus on which information must be added to the essay. Hence, we dive into the following guide for good understanding.

Broad Topic For Cause-And-Effect Essay 

You will generally find the following features of a broad topic from the point of view of writing an essay of such sort:

  1. There are tons of available information that you will find regarding this topic, more than what you can look through reasonably.
  2. Everything cannot be covered on paper because of information on every aspect.
  3. The topic is pulling in different directions, meaning the focus will be lacking, and off the track, things will be more.
  4. It will take a lot of work to combine all the information and cover it in a single piece or piece of paper.

How To Narrow Down A Topic That Is Too Broad For An Essay? 

A broad topic such as do college grades predict a promising future? has to be transformed into a moderate one to find valuable sources. One of the good ways to change your topic is to choose a sub-topic. If you cannot locate a sub-topic of the broader topic, try asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the specific topic I am working on?
  2. Who is related to the cause and essay topic?
  3. What is an important issue?
  4. Any time related to the topic? When, where, and how does it happen?
  5. What is the importance of the topic?
  6. What is the attitude of people toward a good title? Do they work against the topic or toward the topic?

Narrowing it down

  1. After choosing your topic, conduct good research on it to see the available references and data. It will help you identify whether your topic is broader with a good title, narrower, or just according to the need of the introduction.
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask someone about your chosen topic. It might help you a lot which simple research might not.
  3. Research books, blogs, journals, articles, etc., to see if the essays are already written in the same area you are writing on. You can avoid repetition this way.
  4. You can also revisit your concepts about the topic. In this way, even if the topic is broader, it narrows down to specific ideas you already know or have worked on.
  5. Talking about the above-stated point for perfect essay writing, mind mapping can better help. Mind mapping will help you lead a road that you already know about. It’s going to make your life easier that way.  

Which Topic Is Too Broad For A Cause-And-Effect Essay? 

Following are the topics that are too broad for your essay:

Leadership Broad Topics

  1. Behavioral influences of a leader
  2. How does the community influence the leadership style?
  3. Is it a leader impacting people or people impacting the leader?
  4. How is ruling a developing country different from ruling a developed country?
  5. A leader as a moderator
  6. Influences of the leader on the business

Environmental Broad Topics

  1. Effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin type
  2. Effects of global warming on the businesses
  3. Environmental disorder in terms of long-term changes
  4. Overcoming pollution in relation to aviation
  5. Atomic bombing being a killer of things
  6. Particle energy and its emission power cost to the environment

Health Broad Topics 

  1. Impact of depression on a person
  2. How does AIDS affect the entire functioning
  3. How the development of Alzheimer’s disease depends on the genetics
  4. Immunity affected by the supplement’s intake
  5. A disorder that affects the attention of a person
  6. Effect of long-term cancerous cell treatment
  7. Effect of healthcare campaigns on awareness
  8. Businesses being impacted by a coronavirus
  9. Vitro in today’s world
  10. Stem cells and the revolution they brought
  11. The Era of Organic food

Social Issues Broad Topics 

  1. Human testing in the modern world
  2. Security in the airline industry in today’s world
  3. The increasing abortion rate in relation to gender discrimination
  4. Affirmative action programs that need to be administered
  5. Discrimination in today’s world and its impact
  6. Effect of gambling
  7. Online gaming and child behavioural changes
  8. Raising a child belonging to an LGBT group
  9. The world of genetic screening
  10. How has homelessness increased
  11. Identity theft has became common in the modern world
  12. Biases as a human trait common in today’s world


A broader topic for cause-and-effect essay examples has to be narrowed down into a researchable topic to help you write a better essay conclusion. It is always good to revisit some of your concepts after choosing the topic for your essay. Similarly, you can always ask questions about the topic from yourself to see if the topic is specific enough to answer what you want out of it. We hope the concepts presented here have helped you a lot in identifying a broader topic for your essay.

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