Why Do Online Businesses Choose VPS Bulgaria Over Dedicated Hosting?


Most online businesses strive to construct a solid customer base & attain maximum business profitability. Thus, they often look for the most compelling web hosting solutions. Here is where the VPS server Bulgaria & dedicated web server make their way. However, often web business owners get gobbled when it comes to deciding to pick one between these two. 

So, via this guide, we will provide the required insights into both virtual private server web hosting & dedicated server web hosting in order to let you make the right decision for your online business. Also, you will learn why numerous businesses are hopping to choose the best VPS Bulgaria over a dedicated web server. Without wasting another second, let us dig into the segments below & get all the details. 

About VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

A virtual private server web hosting operates on the virtualization technology principle. A ‘Hypervisor’ software is put into utilization to partition the central physical web server, which helps in the formation of virtual spaces. These virtual spaces function as virtual private servers. Every VPS server in Bulgaria runs autonomously without disturbing the functioning or regular activities of other virtual private servers. Also, they come with distinct dedicated web resources & isolated web hosting environments, unlike shared server web hosting plans. 

On the other hand, dedicated server web hosting enables you to gain authority over the whole central physical server. You get access to the server’s entire space & resources to host your web business with full flexibility. Also, you obtain an autonomous, private, and secure web hosting environment. 

Further, like VPS Bulgaria, the dedicated web server lets you acquire dedicated web resources that dedicatedly work for your online business. The dedicated web server hosting also offers maximum processing power & fastest speed performance. 

Difference between VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

This section comprises a differentiation table that highlights the key distinction between VPS hosting Bulgaria & dedicated server hosting. Get a rapid glimpse at it!  


Virtual Private Server web hosting

Dedicated server web hosting

1. It comes with a virtual & independent web hosting platform.  It comes with a real-time web hosting platform. 
2. You do not have to deal with the physical server’s functioning or performance.  You have to deal with the physical server’s functioning or performance.
3. You can pay for the resources your business requires & employ.  You have to pay prior for the entire web hosting space & resources. 
4. The web hosting plans & packages of VPS Bulgaria come at the most affordable cost rates.  The web hosting plans & packages of dedicated web servers come at higher cost rates. 
5. The virtual private server hosting can be easily managed and administered with enough technical knowledge.  You must have technical expertise in order to run, manage, and handle a dedicated web server hosting. 

Why Do Online Business Owners Choose VPS over Dedicated hosting?

Online businesses are picking the Bulgaria VPS server over the dedicated web server because of multiple aspects. Firstly, the virtual private server web hosting plans enable you to surpass the hosting restrictions & limitations that tag along under shared server web hosting plans. 

Further, it enables you to acquire many top-grade benefits & administrative privileges of dedicated server web hosting at the most viable cost pricing. At the same time, you do not have to take any charge of maintenance, security, performance, and other related aspects of the physical web server with the best VPS hosting in Bulgaria. So, you get more time to invest your focus & time in advancing your online business. 

Advantages of VPS Hosting over Dedicated Hosting

Mentioned below are listed some excellent benefits of VPS hosting Bulgaria over dedicated server web hosting – 


  • You do not have to spend high money investment on VPS Bulgaria as one does under dedicated server web hosting. 
  • You can only pay for the resources & web hosting services you need from your web hosting provider. 
  • You do not need much technical expertise in order to control & run your virtualized web hosting environment.
  • You get the flexibility to acquire easy scalability of dedicated resources, advanced data security, high customizability, and root control access, all under the most inexpensive pricing. 


By now you must have apprehended why many web businesses opt for VPS hosting in Bulgaria over dedicated server web hosting. Further, you must seek a steadfast & top-notch web host in order to make the best usage of your virtual private server hosting plan. Here we can suggest you seek Serverwala data center which is a world-class web host.

 It is highly renowned for providing the best-in-class virtual private servers with cutting-edge web hosting services & hyper-scale facilities. At Serverwala data center, you can get access to the aptest web hosting plan or package of VPS Bulgaria along with superior customer service support via specialists. Moreover, it assures the following high-grade hosting benefits & privileges with the powerful virtual private server hosting – 

  • 99.90% Uptime guarantee
  • Service level agreement
  • Highest & constant network connectivity
  • User-friendly & competent control panels
  • Unlimited bandwidth with secure network channels
  • 100% Potent solid-state drives data storage
  • Most progressive data security features
  • Free SSL certificate & Softculous one-click installer
  • Top-tier equipment
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure with resilient hardware tools

You can also right away browse the official website of the data center to grab additional information regarding top-leading yet cheapest virtual private server web hosting plans & packages. 

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